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You are an entrepreneur or an executive who has tasted both success and failure. You are constantly busy — at the expense of your health, your loved ones, and your overall life balance. You’ve had periodic triumphs in the past, but ultimately you can’t seem to create the affluence that you desire. Together, we will walk through the basic steps of how to create a powerful transformation for yourself — and to help you earn the professional and personal prosperity that you deserve.


Imagine this. What would it feel like if your dreams of success and realitycould co-exist? How would you like to achieve that level of success without sacrifice? To finally step out of the status quo? Be the true hero to your loved ones? And to live a life with no regrets




I've been there and know what you're going through! Before becoming a Certified Master Law of Attraction & Success Coach in 2013, I spent three decades of entrepreneurship in commercial construction and design, followed by a partnership launching nationwide luxury retail stores. While I loved the freedom of owning my own businesses, I was incredibly frustrated over the highs of feast and the lows of famine. I couldn’t figure out how to break the barrier that kept me from long-term success and wealth. After much reflection, I turned my frustrations over to The Universe. An amazing coach came into my life, who helped me take on my struggles. As I diligently worked with my coach, self-doubt melted away. Goals became defined. My life finally had purpose. Six figures came into my bank account, then seven figures. My biggest joy? Seeing the happiness that I feel reflected in the eyes of my children. Now, I am here to show my gratitude by doing the same — and more — for you.


Dean is by far the full package! I’m blessed to be able to get mentored by her and get coached by someone who is so wise and full of integrity. What I appreciate most about Dean is the time she has invested to help me grow as a person. (Dean helped) me identify what I need to let go of emotionally in order to move forward and upward in life and business.

— Aileen R. Garrido, Pasadena, CA